Sunday, December 27, 2009

18 Monthd Old!!!

Joe is 18 months old now. He is really smart, if I do say so myself...
His vocabulary seems to be growing and growing as time goes on. Because I've decided to dedicate this blog to the boys and their significant milestones, I figured I better write up a post about Joe's recent activity before I forget!!
He's been saying the basics like Mama, Papa, cat, and Batman (ha) for a few months now. But recently, we get words like tractor, fishie, shoes, juice, dump truck, baby, Chrissy, and about 10-15 more that he says on a pretty regular basis.
He is a VERY picky eater, he doesn't even like milk. Not even chocolate milk! Trying to find things to pack in his lunch that I know he'll eat is so hard. The basics usually include a Yo-Baby yogurt, some pasta, applesauce, a kashi bar, and maybe some ham, or other leftover meat from dinner. He's not too crazy about PB&J. Will not even touch fruit or veggies!!! Apples, bananas, oranges, I've tried over and over again. The closest this guy will get to fruit is applesauce.
He studies everything, and really seems to try to understand how things work. Loves to stack things over and over again. Loves to work the remote control that comes with the geo-trax racetrack, and knows the difference between backward and forward, and can control the cars in that manner!!
Best of all, he enjoys keeping up with his older brother Chris. He likes to do whatever Chris is doing. Monkey see, monkey do. The two of them can get into pretty good trouble, too. They are loud, and love to make each other laugh.
This was a really fun Christmas, and next year proves to be even more fun as Joe will be that much more aware of all that is going on!

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