Saturday, December 26, 2009

Chillin out on a rainy day

There's something kind of nice about the days following Christmas. Especially this year, where Christmas fell on a Friday, we all automatically have the weekend to just hang around and do whatever you feel like.
The boys are having a great time playing with all the loot they scored yesterday. Joey LOVES his vacuum cleaner. When I say he loves it, I mean really....he takes it into the kitchen and pushes the chairs aside and pretends to vacuum the area rug under the table. It's pretty funny! Greg hit the nail on the head. Knew Joe would just love it, and he does. Chrissy is having a great time with all of his newly acquired Batman action figures and other Batman gear. Santa also brought the requisite nerf basketball hoop, which all little boys must have.
Today is a rainy, grey, yucky sort of day. Perfect for hanging out and doing whatever you want.
Went to wegs this afternoon and got all the makings for homemade Chicken soup, which sounds perfect for a day like today. It's also much lighter than all of the heavy stuff we've been eating over the last few days!

Here's a cute shot of Joe vacuuming the rug in the play room.

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