Sunday, December 6, 2009

Decorating the Tree

Every year we go to Williams Tree Farm in Mendon to try and find the perfect Christmas tree. This year Joe wasn't feeling so well, so Christopher and Greg went out on their own. Joe and I stayed back and baked a delicious batch of Toll House cookies for the guys to have when they returned.
Chris had a blast helping his Papa find just the right tree, and cut it down. He was especially happy that Tiger, the resident horse on William's farm, kissed him!
They came home with a beautiful Frasier fir. It smells awesome! We strung the lights up after dinner, and then put the ornaments on. The boys got a bit excited over this ordeal and of course a couple of ornaments broke. But that's par for the course. What are you gonna do. It happens!
We made sure to find a few of those non-breakable ornaments so that the little guys could help out too.
The tree looks beautiful. Finally, I feel like it's Christmas! Now, on to the shopping...ugh!

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