Friday, August 27, 2010

"Stay-Home" Day

Today was what we call a "stay home" day here in the Marek household. It's defined as one of those days that's really a school/work day, but instead we just decide to just stay home. Chris, Joe, and I had a stay-home day today. Greg still had to work, unfortunately but I guess someone has to work around here ;)
What I love about stay home days is that there really is no agenda. No place to be. No time limits for anything, no deadlines, no appointments. You can laze around as long as you want and do nothing and it still ends up being more fun than a school day. Kinda like a Saturday but more fun because you really were not supposed to be home, but you are!
Today was a pretty nice day to stay home. It was a bit on the cool side for summer, but considering what a great summer we've had this year, it was kind of refreshing. We slept in to 7:30. Ate breakfast when we felt like it. Did some puzzles, played some games. Baked cupcakes (of course!!). I took a few pics of the boys having a good time today. Will definitely have to do this again soon!

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