Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fun in Niagara Falls and the African Lion Safari

We've taken the boys up to see Niagara Falls maybe once. They were too little to do much walking around, so we just looked at the Falls and left. When you live in ROC, it's a place that you often take for granted. It's there. We pass it every single time we go through Canada to get to Michigan, and we always say "some day we need to make a point of taking the boys there overnight". This past weekend we did just that. We decided to couple our trip with a visit to the African Lion Safari in Hamilton, Ontario.

The kids loved all of the cheezy, kitschy, silly things that the main strip in Niagara Falls has to offer. We didn't bother with the Wax Museum, but we did go through Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, ate at the Rainforest Cafe, spent time at Fudge Factory and many other shops. Above all, the boys LOVED the arcade. They could have spent the entire time at the arcade if we let them. After we walked around and got some ice cream, we headed down to the Niagara River and horseshoe falls for the 10pm Fireworks show. It was pretty beautiful even though it was only about 15 minutes long.

I'm learning that Christopher is fearless. He went into the Hurricane Simulator Machine with no hesitation, wanted to enter into every single Haunted House (we wouldn't let him), and went on a ride on the Sky Wheel over the Falls with Greg. He also liked the Vortex inside of Ripley's. All things I wouldn't do, but I'm glad he's not afraid of these things. I enjoyed seeing him laugh and laugh and laugh.
View of Niagara Falls from the Sky Wheel (looks a bit grey through the glass)

After we finished at the falls, we left for Hamilton, Ontario to visit the African Lion Safari. Greg and I had been there once before, about 10 or so years ago, and we had a lot of great memories of monkeys and baboons jumping all over our cars. We thought the kids would love it, so we gave it a try.
The animals were not as willing to come up to the cars this time. They were a bit anti-social. The place was monitored heavily by rangers, making sure people were not luring the animals toward their cars with food.
But, even so, the boys really enjoyed it. They liked being real close to animals that they would never have the opportunity to see up front. As we drove through the safari, they pointed to all of the animals, and we got pics as best we could through the strictly-enforced "windows up" policy.

There's no way I could add all of the awesome pictures we took, so I've put them on my Flickr page. 

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