Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have about four different posts in draft form sitting in my blogger dashboard waiting to be published. I doubt they ever will be. Each one of them are the fragments of an attempt to summarize the massively huge undertaking of leaving one job, beginning another job, and relocating my family (during Hurricane Sandy, no less). I never got around to finishing any of them because the intensity of said undertaking got the better of me, and consumed every waking moment leaving not much time for this blog. That, and because I was both physically and mentally exhausted from all of this change. It's not over yet, but I think the hardest aspects are behind us now.

This Thanksgiving leaves me with a lot to be thankful for. Our new life in a new place, and the only common denominator is the four of us. Everything else is completely different than it was before.

In early March of this year, a job opportunity in New England found its' way into my inbox. I thought about it a lot before I took the plunge and applied. I wasn't looking for that job. In fact, I had recently started in a new position at Kodak and was pretty happy. But, somehow, the idea that this opportunity presented itself when I wasn't looking for it did not feel inadvertent at all. It was like an outside force swooped in and decided to rock the smoothly sailing boat that was our life. After discussing with Greg and thinking, thinking, thinking about it..I went down there for two full rounds of interviews (each a month apart) and ultimately never got that job. That job wasn't meant to be, I guess. But the purpose it served was for experience, and was confidence building for the next attempt, and most importantly, it got my momentum moving. I was going to get a new job this year. That was my new goal as a result of this outside force that propelled me. When I saw the job posting at Toys R Us, I went for it, and I'm so glad I did. The Kodak I left wasn't the Kodak I started with 20 years ago.  I remember the day after I resigned, a coworker came over to congratulate me, and he said "I don't think I could ever have the courage you have to do what you're about to do"...I didn't think of myself as having any courage at all, but more a sense of responsibility to my family.

I'm thankful today, and every day, that I have an incredibly supportive husband. He's the one person who has been reminding me why we did this during those times I wish everything could be easy again. This hasn't been easy for him either, and certainly not for the kids. But, day by day, we get our way around in this new world we've sort of planted ourselves in. Slowly but surely it's all coming together and we are starting to feel back to normal again.

Here's to many more Happy Thanksgivings to come, and to remembering what we're thankful for!

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