Sunday, January 27, 2013

Valentine Sun Catchers

 After seeing these on Jenny's blog a few years ago, I thought "ooh I have to make those!" But of course I never got around to it, but did keep it locked in the back of my mind as "save for later". I began seeing them all over the place on Pinterest and now with the boys at a fun age where they enjoy doing these projects, I figured we should give it a try. I decided I would use Martha Stewart's step-by-step instructions and give this a shot. All you need are crayons, a crayon sharpener (we didn't have one, so Greg had to shave off pieces with a sharp knife), wax paper, an iron, and some string (ribbons would be pretty too). Just choose the colors you want for your sun catcher, shave off wax from crayons, and melt the shavings between the wax paper. Cut them into heart shapes, string the thread through a punched hole, and hang them from the curtain rods.
After the savings were successfully melted, we used a cookie cutter as a stencil
My two awesome helpers
They turned out nice!



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