Monday, March 18, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

Growing up, my half Irish mother made sure we celebrated St. Patrick's Day in a traditional fashion and never wanted us kids to forget that we are part Irish. Sometimes it happened. My Dad was 100% Italian, and though he considered my Mom an equal partner in everything (they had an admirable marriage made in heaven, best friends for life with deep respect for one another), he was "more" Italian than she was English or Irish (if that makes any sense). But, he was not the traditional Italian stereotype at all, but yet people often assumed that we were brought up in a more traditional Italian way when in fact we weren't. We were good old New England Yankee thanks to my Mom and her English and Irish heritage. What's funny is between he and my Mom, *he* was the one who looked Irish! He had bright, vivid blue eyes, and his full head of hair turned a beautiful shade of perfect white at a very young age.
Every year on St. Patty's Day, my Mom made a traditional boiled dinner of corned beef and cabbage, with potatoes. We always had the Irish Soda Bread. Everyone had to wear green! Mom would remind us at every turn "hey you're part Irish you know!"

Now that I have my own children, I don't want them to ever forget they too have a little bit of Irish in them. In an interesting comparison, I am married to a 100% German. The dominant "heritage" can sometimes take over in a family. Greg has very rich family traditions that he has instilled in our kids, which makes me very happy. It's important to never let go of that.

I found myself repeating my Mom's words to my own kids this weekend "hey, you're part Irish too you know!" But, I thought it was even better when I overheard Greg tell Joey "you know what, you're Irish! Your Grammy was the Irish one in the family!"

Making Rice Krispies Treats- wearing his green


  1. We had a festive day too! Corned beef, Wegmans' froggy cupcakes. I love holiday and cultural traditions. (discovered Cisney is most likely Scottish though - I am such a mutt!)

  2. Oh, that sounds wonderful!! I'm a mutt too, but guess what, this means we can celebrate many cultures in style!



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