Monday, June 24, 2013

Target Beauty Box

Target. They never cease to amaze me by the simple, undying fact that they just really get it. They are the "all for one and one for all" retailer who completely understand their target consumer, and relentlessly give them everything they want. The in-store experience (Starbucks for me, popcorn for my kids). The fashion-forward, on-trend garments at affordable prices. The home styling. The well- known designers. The strong ties to philanthropy. And now, the subscription model for beauty that Birch Box has made so popular. This, apparently, is a new space that Target is dabbling in. And I like it. Funny, too, because while Birch Box seems so awesome and exciting to me, I find I am unwilling to commit to a monthly subscription because I fear I won't use everything in my Box. When it comes to things like skin care, I'm pretty routine. The products I use work well, and I don't veer much from my tried and true. I decided to give Target a try because the Beauty Box was only $5 for 5 deluxe beauty samples, and honestly because my curiosity on how they would deliver this experience was piqued.

My box arrived about 4 or so weeks after I signed up on the Target Style Facebook page. When asked on their Facebook page if Beauty Box was going to become a monthly subscription, the Target Style Community Managers said "we are testing this concept"...
I was impressed with the packaging. It comprised of a sturdy box with a glossy finish, that was wrapped in a decorative outer sleeve, which also had a high end finish.

Beauty Box unwrapped
I was pretty pleased with the diversity of the samples inside. I received a deluxe sized sample of Fekkai Glossing Creme for hair (love this stuff), a Gillette Venus razor set (already use this, so perfect), Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail art (I definitely will not use these), a small packet of L'Oreal BB Creme (will try!) , and a sample of La Roche Effaclar Duo acne treatment. In addition, the box came with a coupon for $3.00 off beauty products from Target. I think this was the only variation of Beauty Box that was sent to everyone in the pilot group (unlike Birch Box, which have 40 or so different variations per flight).
I think $5 is a low cost of entry for something that is fun and has an element of surprise. I would do this again for sure.

Beauty Box Contents

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