Monday, July 8, 2013

Canoeing in Michigan

One of the highlights of our trip to Michigan this year was our canoe trip in Baldwin. Since the day I met Greg, he has always talked about what great fun and good times he and his family had growing up and going canoeing. His Dad took them many times, and Greg would go on his own. Being out in nature on a peaceful, clean river is pretty relaxing. This year, given that so many of us were to be in Michigan over the 4th, Andrea organized a canoe excursion. We went through Baldwin Canoe Rental in Baldwin, MI and canoed the Pere Marquette. Having never done this before, I wasn't sure what to expect. Greg has always said it's gentle, easy, and peaceful and that he knew I'd enjoy it. I really was excited to go, and experience this. I was also excited for the kids, because I want them to be happy doing outdoor activities, and we love giving them new experiences too. This trip certainly did not disappoint. It was a beautiful, clear day. Nice and sunny but not too hot. The tour we chose was 3 hours, but it took us about 4 and a half as we were a pretty large group and we all wanted to stay together. Andrea and family chose to rent kayaks instead of canoes, and I think that's something I would like to try next. After our excursion on the river was over, the bus picked us up, and brought us back to the rental house. From there, we went to Jones' Ice Cream place- yet another Marek family tradition that I was happy to experience and become part of!

Greg pointing out a turtle seen en route

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