Sunday, September 1, 2013

Let the home remodeling begin!

Our new home is definitely nice, but there are a lot of things we plan to change to make it really feel like "ours". Painting, refinishing the floors, opening up the kitchen, and re-doing the first floor is going to be a lot of work! But, we are both really excited to start our projects. We've begun having different contractors come in for estimates and now we just need to get started. We hope to have most of it done in a month, but if it takes longer, we have our current rental through October (hopefully it won't!). My new mantra for this home is "yes, it's small, but every corner will be as beautiful as possible". Whether it's an area rug, lighting, doorknobs, or bathroom fixtures, we plan to choose and purchase the best and prettiest we can find. No more going to Home Depot and getting the first thing we see because it's easy and affordable. I want to love every single nook in this home and I have an idea and vision for every room. Some of the rooms will be done in no time, and others more complex and will require an architect.

The kitchen, by far, is my favorite room in the house and was what tipped me over the edge for this home over the others that we were considering. I love all of the choices that the former owners made. The cabinets are beautiful, the granite is awesome, and I love the floor. We are going to knock out the two walls to open it up and put an island in the middle with a couple of chairs. We need more cabinet space, and while the kitchen is technically an "eat-in" kitchen, it's a tight fit. Getting rid of the walls that face the dining room and entry way will make it seem much bigger for sure.
Beautiful Window in the Dining Room (with an outside view of our X-Large Shed!)
The dining room is a good size and I really love the Andersen window they put in. So different than what you see in most bi-level homes built in the 1970's. The dining room will stay a dining room (as opposed to becoming an office or something) because we love our dining room furniture and we were both brought up having a formal place to eat in addition to the kitchen, and we like that idea. In this house, we will use the table every day because the kitchen island we are envisioning will not seat all four of us all of the time.
I also love that the entire home (including hallways) already has beautiful crown molding, something that I wish I had done back in our Pittsford home. It really adds a great touch to every room. We are looking forward to painting all of the moldings a fresh, bright white.

The living room is also a good size, and we intend to have a TV upstairs as well as in the downstairs family room. We have been in a colonial for the last several years, and now we have to re-think our lifestyle to accommodate this bi-level floor plan. We always had a separate TV room from a formal living room. But now, we need a TV downstairs for the boys to use and we want one upstairs in the so-called formal living room for all of us to use. We are considering mounting it to the wall so that we don't have the crowded furniture effect along the wall that spans from dining to living room.
While we are in this phase of selecting contractors, we are doing a few things to get ready for them. Greg couldn't wait to take the curtains in the living room down!

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