Monday, September 9, 2013

The #Ink 361_Letterglow Challenge

East Hampton, NY
I can't tell you how many days go by where I wish I were a graphic designer, or had at least some sense for Photoshop. Well, I'm not, and I don't. And at this stage of my busy life, I don't really have time to go back and learn (I'm waiting for my kids to become experts, and then they can teach me :).

This is why I love innovative design/photography apps like Letterglow, a very cool app that I just learned about from @Ink361. Letterglow allows you to take your photos one step further, and enhance them with typography overlays. It gives you several fonts to work with, but if you have your own custom fonts you prefer to use you can add them to this app as well. You can also fine tune the image with other photography adjustments as well. Once you have something you love, you can share it to all of your social networks.

Letterglow is hosting the latest photo challenge on @Ink361, so I submitted one of my favorite pictures from the summer of the two boys at the beach in East Hampton. The challenge ends on September 11 at midnight.

I couldn't resist playing around with the app a bit more, and created this picture below of the kids today on the #FDOS (first day of school). I figure the interesting typeface on this picture detracts from the less-than-thrilled look on their faces!

First Day of School in Ramsey, NJ




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