Saturday, October 19, 2013

Colorful, Colorful Fall

We are having a spectacular fall here in the Northeast! The weather has been unseasonably warm and there has been very little rain. I am really enjoying the colorful foliage, it really reminds me of home in New England. The reds and oranges are truly a sight to see, there honestly is nothing quite like it. Every morning when I drive in to work, I drive just slightly slower than normal so that I can soak it all in. And take a few pictures...

Feel kinda bad for the people behind me driving into TRU campus.

When you've lived away from this sort of natural beauty for so long, it really makes you appreciate it even more when you're surrounded by it again. Thus the pictures while driving in to the parking lots...

TRU Headquarters - So pretty!!!
 Though moving has been overwhelming in terms of how much stuff there is to unpack, we've made a point to get out and enjoy this gorgeous weather we've been having. Who knows how long it will last before the cold weather finally arrives! Last weekend, highs were in the mid 70's. We headed over to the Ramsey Farmer's Market at the train station in the center of town. Even though we got there late, there were still a lot of people roaming and the vendors still had a ton of great samples and things to check out.

Ramsey Farmer's Market- not a great shot of the tents, but haaaaad to get the pretty foliage in

My cuties on the Fire Engine

We also took a visit to Secor Farms in Mahwah. Joey had gone there already with his Kindergarten class for his field trip, and couldn't wait to go again! Hayrides, donuts, lots of photo ops, and of course a corn maze. And, of course, pumpkins! Pretty good day!

My Baby Rabbit...

Secor Farms - lots of photo ops.

Corn Maze

Chris vs. Frankenstein

Meditating over his pumpkins....

Rocks carved into owls.

Where'd you go, Chris??

My beauties

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