Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Christmas all around the house

I'm not sure if it's because we are in a new home this year, or if it's all of the wonderful inspiration from blogs and Pinterest (or likely both!), but I think I am the happiest I've been in a while with Christmas decor in our home. Before we moved, we lived in the same home for many years. All of the decor I had purchased were specifically for different spaces in our former home. Now, we're in a new place, and not all of it "fits" in the same way, and I found I was wanting to switch things up a bit anyway. I went for a lot more fresh greenery this year. I am so happy with the boxwood wreathes we got at Trader Joe's. They are a few weeks old now, and are still bright, vibrant green. I also used paperwhites, and ivy topiares from TJ's and they look beautiful in the dining room window under the wreath. As far as the Christmas tree goes- it's the best one we've had in a LONG time. This is one of the first years we have not gone to a tree farm to hand-select and cut ourselves. Instead, we went to Stone House Nursery in Wyckoff (one of my most favorite places around Bergen county), and bought a pre-cut Frasier Fir there. Even Greg has said over and over what a perfect Christmas tree it is. This year's tree is slightly slimmer than previous years, so we chose to put only our most favorite ornaments on it. Many of our ornaments we received as gifts throughout the years, and many of them have been passed down from my mother. Beautiful, vintage, shiny and vibrant ornaments of so many shapes and colors that it was hard to pick which go on the tree, and which stay in the boxes for another time. We also decided to put a wreath in every window of the house outside, and it really looks pretty. Each wreath has a classic red velvet bow. I think it will stick with the fresh, green theme for many years to come!

Paperwhites along the window sill in the Dining Room. I love having a shed to place a wreath on too!
Love these boxwood wreaths from Trader Joe's. I put a bright green ribbon on it.
Our tree
Mom's ornaments.
The buffet in the dining room. I like how you can see the tree in the mirror on the opposing wall 
Santa on the Chalkboard shelf in the kitchen!
More greens and a wreath from Trader Joe's
My adorable baking companion frosting cookies for Santa tonight!

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