Saturday, January 4, 2014


The many happy faces of Christopher
 How is it possible! Chris is 8 years old already! He is a fun-loving, good-natured, positive and optimistic little boy! I am always impressed by how he just likes everyone for who they are, and when something doesn't go his way, he bounces right back pretty fast from it.
Second grade has been a lot of fun for him. This year, he is playing basketball at the YMCA as well as at school, and enjoys a lot of other sports too. Though yesterday was his real birthday, I'm planning to have a party at our house in a couple of weeks. Will have a whole house full of little boys! I've been researching ideas on Pinterest and blogs. I think we'll do a photobooth, pin the tail on the donkey, pinata, and some Lego games. Wish me luck!

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