Monday, April 7, 2014

Blue + White

I've always been a huge fan of blue and white. I have a lot of heirloom china pieces from my mom, her mom, Greg's mom, my Aunt, and the list goes on. I am excited to see that this classic combination has made a revival in home decor this year.
The Pink Pagoda (one of my most favorite blogs and Etsy shops) is hosting a Blue and White Bash, and I cannot resist joining in for the love of blue and white!
This photo is full of things that have deep sentimental value, and meaning to me. The small blue and white paining is by my brother, acclaimed artist George Condo, and had always been in my parent's home. I am so honored to be the proud owner of it. The Murano Glass vase was also my Mother's. It was given to her from my Dad's mother and I have fond memories of beautiful flowers gracing our dining room table in that vase. Lastly, these pieces are resting on a Hitchcock desk that my Dad purchased for my Mom for her birthday many, many years ago. Three of my most favorite things all in one shot, to share with you.


  1. How lovely! Sentimental items that are also beautiful are the best! Your pink tulips are the perfect pop against the blue & white, too. :)

    1. Thanks Carrie! Thanks for visiting my blog today!



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