Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A Lovely Surprise.

It's not every day that an artist whom you admire decides to make a sketch of one of your Instagrams...

I posted this picture on Saturday morning. We had a fresh snowfall, and everything was serene, peaceful, and quiet. There's really nothing prettier than fresh snow, and I wanted to get a good picture. I had taken a couple of the shed in our back yard, but, it didn't really capture the beauty of the pure white snow- everything looked brown from that perspective. So, I got this shot instead and was much happier with it. Patricia van Essche (@PVEDesign on Instagram) is an artist who I have been following and admiring for some time now. Her full (and very impressive!) bio can be read here. I was honored when Patricia decided to paint my Instagram photo as part of her #SketchADay series. She posted her painting today and it is just so beautiful!  If you're looking for creative inspiration, follow PVE's account. One lovely post after the next, and her Etsy shop is full of pretty delights.
Thanks so much, PVE! You made my day!

A photo posted by Patricia Van Essche (@pvedesign) on


  1. Isnt Patricia such a talent!! Lovely blog you have as well!

    1. Thank you so much! Yes, she really is!!

  2. Thank-you for sharing and inspiring me, Mary-Irene! Enjoy your day and may you in turn surprise someone with something special. Pass on the serenity and kindness.



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