Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Family Room Redo

We've lived in our home for just over a year now, and we are pretty happy with the living room, dining room, kitchen and bedrooms. We just have to paint the spare bedroom, and we can basically say we are done with these rooms with the exception of a few minor things like switching out the gold doorknobs for dark bronzed/black ones.
Our family room is one of the last areas of our home that really needs a ton of work. It's kind of, but not terribly, dated and although it's very light in that room, it has always felt kind of cold and dull. The family room has a large brick-faced fireplace which spans the entire length of the room. The color of the bricks were a reddish-brown stain. They were definitely washed over with something, but looked kind of fake. Fake to the point where Greg and I actually asked the home inspector to verify they were made of actual brick and not something else.
Anyhoo, over Christmas break, we painted all of the bricks as well as all of the trim a nice fresh white. I am still not wildly in love with so much brick, but this much-needed refresh has helped significantly. We painted Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter over all of the rest of the space which used to be an ivory/beigy color. We ditched the former owner's window treatments and dark wood blinds.
Now, it feels so much brighter, fresher, cleaner-- all things I love! When the weather turns warmer, it will be really nice to have the slider doors open to the nice fresh air.
We would love to eventually achieve something like this below-- with the TV mounted over the fireplace, but I am not sure if the built-ins will ever materialize.

Even with the minor changes we've made, I can actually tolerate being in the family room (whereas before, I really did not enjoy it because all I could see was "tons of work"). Now I look forward to having it be a room that I can't wait to sit in. Next on the agenda is flooring....we must replace the current yucky tile/carpet blend with a nice hardwood. We are thinking something lighter and rustic like a pecan stain.

Of course Pinterest has been my best friend/worst enemy, and here are some pins I've found that "feel" like the overall styling I am hoping to achieve.

Flooring- this or something lighter that we've spotted at Home Depot and Lowes:

I especially love this look above and I find the rug to be out of this world! I totally dig killim rugs! The blue and white vase, throw and other cool details are the style and feel I really love. Everything is very different and all work well together. The black door is super-cool too. The image below is another that kind of represents things I love to put together. I am excited to continue on with this project!



  1. Sounds like a fun project! Look forward to see it all pulled together!

    1. I will definitely share some pictures! Thanks for visiting my blog!



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